A Trump Wins Scenario for Douglas County

Two Premises:
1. When patriots refer to their “God given rights”, the progressives will say “that’s all well and good, but the State IS GOD!” (therefore, your rights still come from us, your Marxist legislators, not from your mythical God!).
2. And, since the State is God, we can declare any disturbance a “peaceful protest”. Thus, during any government sponsored and instigated riot, anyone who fights to save his life and property is “disturbing a peaceful protest” and is subject to arrest and prosecution. (Kyle Rittenhouse being a prime example).

From election night to January 20 is a critical two and a half months. Without a doubt the “progressive” elements in the country would declare “resistance” to the election results and proceed t tear the country apart. It doesn’t take rocket science to posit who these groups might be:
1. BLM
3. Armed immigrants. A recent segment on warroom was a report from a woman from New York relating how the police in NYC were being degraded and replaced by gangs of armed young immigrants under the direction of the Mayor and his City Council.
4. Chinese contingents. There are reports of tens of thousands of military aged Chinese men entering the country. PLA? Special Ops?
5. LGBTQ? The shooting in Nashville earlier this year is a precedent.

So what can the citizenry do to protect their lives, property and their society? I was thinking this: at the county level, a patriot Sheriff and the Gun Clubs in the County could work together to train and certify armed citizens as deputies. We may not be able to train thousands up to the Able Shepherd level 4 Standard, but that might not be necessary.

The Sheriff’s Department could sit down with the Gun Clubs and decide what sort of basic qualifications are needed. First of all, organizing the men and women so they know each other and can start training together, and for a real purpose. Setting up a basic command structure and communication network of some kind, independent of the power grid. (In any societal takedown, that will be one of the first things to go, along with the field-stripped grocery stores, no water and gasoline.) Then the geographic aspect: patriots in neighborhoods with developed contingencies for gathering points and defensive assignments, such as power distribution points or other important infrastructure.

It’s hard to say what the targets would be and the methodology. But here are a few thoughts:
1. Kamal Saleem, a pastor in Monument and former PLO member, once related in a talk that the PLO had a dossier on every elected official in their area, from the Governor down to the Deputy on the beat. It’s not hard to imagine the hundreds of pickup trucks filled with fighters, each one headed toward Douglas County for their assigned kill list name and address, (called a decapitation operation).

2. Seizure of key points in the county: roadblocks on C 470 and I 25, fire stations, County government buildings, etc. Are these facilities defended? or are they basically empty on weekends with skeleton crews, as the IDF installations were along the Gaza border on Oct 7th?

3. Wholesale burning of neighborhoods: pickups driving down a street, armed mobs throwing lit torches on rooftops of houses. This was done in Smyrna to Christian neighborhoods the 1920’s.

We should be ready to think about such things, and we don’t have much time to prepare. And without a doubt, such organizational efforts would be declared illegal by those presently in power. We need to prepare quietly.

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