Arapahoe Tea Party April 9, 2024

Representative Holdorf Spoke and leveled some criticism toward Dave Williams, GOP Party Chair. I would like to address a couple of them:

  1. That the Resolutions should be presented in a neutral fashion: This assumes that the GOP should be non-partisan, but the Party and its chairman are NOT! If the Chairman ridicules those who might oppose the resolutions, more power to him, especially since the Resolutions were all passed!
  2. The big one, of course, shared by other petition on candidates, was that the GOP did NOT stay neutral! The Assembly endorsed Lauren Boebert! The candidate won the nomination resoundingly. As such, she deserves the Party’s endorsement. For those candidates who petitioned on, and basically gave the finger to the Party and its members, the Party has no obligation to show these petitioners any courtesies at all!
  3. Several people mentioned that Kent Thiry is behind the movement to establish Rank Choice Voting in Colorado, which would do away with our grass roots caucus system entirely. If the Party can’t even endorse candidates who do go through the caucus process, it diminishes the caucus system as a whole.
  4. Greg Lopez addressed the Tea Party. He emphasized the importance of the special election in June. Donate at

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