The Marine Helo site has been updated to facilitate the purchase of the Marine Helo book, either in paperback or Kindle format. It’s taken awhile to learn the ins and outs of Word Press. I want to thank Baxter Gentry and his wizards at for their assistance in getting the book onto Amazon Kindle and to my daughter Nina from 602 Creative for her coaching on Word Press. Now that the book has been released, we have updated the meta data to hopefully link the two format versions of the book, but I’ve linked both versions here so you can directly access whichever you desire.

This memoire is a collection of letters I sent home to my parents during my deployment to Southeast Asia. I compiled them with a collection of images I took during my tour there. I wrote this book to preserve the state of mind during that war. For me, there was no serious effort to win the war. The blood and treasure were being fed into the meat grinder for nothing. Was the war worth the sacrifice and has anything changed since then? No. Now it has become clear that the general population isn’t buying into the true cost of war.

Thank you for your support. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here is a snippet of the writing for you. Click the image below:

Kindle Marine Helo Cover David M. Petteys

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