Voter Integrity Reflections

We need to discuss “Omega4America” first. Then we will make other posts covering some of the other Voter Integrity organizations, and my experience with them. And by the way, please be tolerant of grammatical errors; the last time I tried to go back in and clean up a few things, the whole post wiped out, negating 3 hours of work.

Omega4America Substack:

Their regular posts seem to ridicule the other voter integrity groups. One, for their ineffectiveness. And two, for their raising money, which Omega deems “grifiting”, in that these groups have no means to actually achieve their goal of “cleaning up the voter rolls” as they imply. Omega goes on to tout the superiority of their “fractal AI ” system, and how they will actually save the day. Our group was ready to give Omega a try. So last October, We sent a copy of the Colorado State voter roll DB and instructions on how to access the Douglas County property tax DB, in hopes of identifying the phandom voters in our county. We heard NOTHING.

Then more recently, we tried again. We were redirected to a group in Wisconsin that was using the Omega fractal system, (and another system as well, as it turned out). We were told that the Wisconsin people handled the voter roll aspect of Omega, since Omega itself concentrated on commercial applications.

It turned out that the Wisconsin operation was a client of Omega with their own battles to fight, and were “up to their necks in allegators”. They had no time to help us. Omega wants up to $300,000 to apply the system to a State on a county by county basis. I believe few have that kind of money kicking around. We would need to raise it. And to do that, one needs all kinds of documentation to apply for funding. For the Wisconsin folks, providing any kind of documentation was completely out of the question. Omega referred us to videos on their website as their proof of concept documentation.

Omega represents that if its system were applied to weed out the phantom voters, it could move the needle 3%! Rino media consultants say their $20 million media buys could do the same thing. In that framework, $300,000 seems inexpensive. But it’s not a customary expenditure and hard to sell.

So…as tempting as the Omega system promises are, we were unable to access and apply their system. If someone were willing to plunk down $300K sight unseen, maybe it would get Omega’s attention. The only thing I can think of is for Omega to consider forming some kind of subsidiary to deal with the States and Counties that might want to use the Omega system: to help provide documentation, advice and trouble shooting to help save the country from the voter irregularities that are taking us down.

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