Vision in the Night (May 25,2024)

On June 15,2024, FJB will either announce he will not run for re-election or he will be a$$*$inat3d by a drugged up young white MK Ultra male wearing a T hat. He will confess that he was inspired by T. The media will push “words are violence, we must Protect Democracy” to justify the roundup of all MAGA media influencers, congress persons, candidates, donors, etc. A J6 style imprisonment will follow: no charging, no hearings, no trials, no lawyers, just a real live gulag in America to the joy and delight of the mainstream media.

K*m*l* will step in as interim President until Jan 20, 2025 with the behind the curtain string pulling intact. Then the DNC Convention will crown Gavin Newsome the Candidate with Polis (that’s the rumor) as VP. This will give the phantom ballot fraudsters the excuse to pull out the stops and steal the elections down the ballot by wide margins, the outrage with the R’s for their “word violence” as the explanation. This will mean tens of millions of illegal aliens, firearm confiscations nation-wide, packing of the SCOUS and an elimination of traditional freedoms.

Then they start the exterminations. Initially it will be the 80 million T supporters. But as the number of illegals grows, the target will be the rest of the white people. In any Communist takeover, citizens who remember the freedom and prosperity that used to be America cannot be allowed to remain and be discontented! The white people on the Left will feel a profound betrayal! They thought that somehow all the anti-white rhetoric didn’t apply to them owing to their loyalty. Wealthy elites in their compounds will find themselves in the same situation! They thought their contributions would be met with a Christian quit pro quo appreciation and keep they and their families safe.

The prediction of people being turned out of their homes at gunpoint and put on trains to FEMA extermination camps comes to fruition. And here the politics finally reaches all those who wanted to stay out of politics; the beer and TV football types, those that wanted “keep their heads down, stay out of controversy and hope that everything would all go away and return to normal”.

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