The Marital Debt

Fr Ripperger says if a spouse makes a reasonable request, it should not be refused on pain of mortal sin. So how many uptight wives who devise chicken sh*t reasons to deny their spouses intimacy live in mortal sin?

In my Christian Science days, i lived in a theology that believes in the evil of marital intimacy. One must eventually overcome it with growing spirituality. Young women who became “class taught” Christian Scientists would return home and cut off their husbands sexually, announcing their “spiritual progress”. It would turn the home into a battleground! Many teachers of Christian Science were basically elderly battle ax spinsters who hated men.

my wife at the time said to me “don’t look to persons for your love and affection”. I should have responded “don’t look to persons for your financial support” and filed for divorce. Yet with precious children involved, it’s a hard step to take.

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