Situation Report July 9, 2023

The Federal Government seems hostile to the American people. The Jan 6th “Fedsurrection” false flag is attempting to marginalize and demonize all 76 million Trump supporters.


  1. FLOODS of military aged young men flooding across the southern border.
    • This includes muscular fit Chinese nationals at a rate of 200 per day. Sam Faddis and Frank Gaffney in their analysis of Chinese actions suspect these men may be Special Operators, being staged for specific attacks, such as power, transportation, water and food supply infrastructure.
    • This would include the Cartel gangs as well, who are being paid to bring in Jihadists from Islamic countries..
  2. We can’t forget the Jihadists that were flown in by the thousands at the evacuation of Kabul in August 2021. Many seasoned Jihadists are now within the United States, undoubtedly training and planning.
  3. Then this war in Ukraine that’s draining our treasure and military stores down to dangerous levels. My gut feeling the next step is to commit US Troops to the conflict to “burn through” our military personnel as the Biden regime is burning through everything else.
  4. The CCP seems to have undue influence with our government, the reasons for which are beyond the scope of this document. But all the above does render the United States incapable of protecting Taiwan from annexation by the CCP.
  5. And what do we have for our defense? Woke fairies with their orange hair determined not to misgender anyone and to deploy correct pronouns..


It looks to me like a general uprising and a seizure of power by the Communists before the election in 2024. It’s not rocket science to imagine all the Jihad groups, the Cartels, Chinese special ops, the Antifa and BLM planning the time and places that each group will attack. Power stations, railways, water facilities, bridges, highways, government facilities, all simultaneously. Thus, we’d wake up to the power off, the water not running, and pickup trucks patrolling the streets filled with armed men with loudspeakers announcing anyone that leaves their home will be shot. (How will the patriot resistance even link up?) Then the kill teams would spend a couple of weeks working through the kill lists containing thousands of names. Those not on the kill lists will eventually be allowed to leave their homes, but it won’t be into the same country it was before.

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