Recent California Legislation:

The law that passed the California Senate prohibits store employees from stopping theft. (Bill to Stop Employees Confronting Shoplifters Passed by California Senate ( Other laws decriminalize theft for amounts less than $950 (California smash-and-grabs blamed on decriminalization of theft – Wadoeshington Times). This puts retailers out of business!

Why would the Legislature do that, you ask? The answer is simple: a Communist society won’t allow private property. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist see what’s coming: the State of California will take over everything. The State will say they are “forced to do so” owing to a “market failure” (of their making).

The progressive soccer moms, with their degrees from Vasser in French literature and sociology, will applaud. “This is justice! The rich need to be punished”, they will say, as they pull out of the driveways of their $2 million homes in their $80K SUVs on their way to Whole Foods, to put $1200 worth of groceries on their $100,000 limit credit cards.

The State will undoubtedly raise property taxes “to address the housing crisis” (that they have constructed for this purpose). How about tenfold? This will enable the State to seize ownership of most real estate by foreclosure for taxes. Most real estate will be in the inventory of local “housing authorities”. $120,000 a year property taxes is tough, even if you make $300,00 a year!

The soccer moms will find themselves evicted and having to watch illegal immigrants moving into their homes. They will have to get on the Housing Authority wait list like everybody else to get a roof over their heads. (But as white people, they will go to the bottom of the list. Maybe something will come up in 7 years?)

Then the soccer moms will learn the full meaning of the World Economic Forum’s slogan “you will own nothing but be happy”. (Maybe the “happy” part is a stretch).

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