“HAMAS Massacre Oct 7, 2023” Observations

This film, distributed by the Israeli Government, is a valiant attempt to sweep back the tide of Hamas propaganda. We even had to run a gauntlet of protestors carrying Palestinian flags to attend last night’s event.

The graphic images in the film weren’t as grim as I was expecting. But what a shame! All these kids, in the prime of life, cut down by Jihad! These poor souls were betrayed by two groups:

  1. The first were the gun controllers in the liberal Israeli government that disarmed these people! “You don’t need firearms. The Army will always be there for you to protect you and your family!” //The Army wasn’t there for the 1200 murdered, and conspiracies swirl as to why. That still doesn’t help those in their graves! Every citizen in Israel needs to be armed and trained to defend themselves: the Army can’t be everywhere!
  2. The second are the Professors at the Universities who preach “conflict with the Muslims is our fault! If we were more accepting, loving, and didn’t ‘other’ them because they are different, the problem would be solved!” //Such an attitude is borne of ignorance of Islamic Doctrine and an arrogance that we are always in control. Islamic Doctrine has called for the hatred of Jews, Christians and non-believers (Kuffar) for centuries. A White Paper from some newly minted PhD from some Woke University isn’t going to change it.
  3. It’s also clear that these same two groups are working full time to betray the American people as well! Same arguments, and eventually the same results.
  4. A metaphor that has emerged is this: to bring in large numbers of Muslims into our country without considering the consequences of the Shari’a and Jihad is like bringing in rattlesnakes without considering the fangs and venom that are their nature. It will lead to massive losses of life and property.

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