Girls on the Prayer Chain

The post was from a young woman wanting prayers to be free of men that ogled her and made passes at her. And won’t the Lord send her a man that’s not “that way”? She had no sense that the beauty (the attractiveness) is a gift from God to be used for sacramental family formation. And that it will disappear as the clock ticks in this human condition.

What I have seen is a women in her 20’s, her girlfriends all married, and the husbands are such “nice men”. So why can’t she find a man like that? What she is forgetting: the husbands are all having sex with her girlfriends, (At least once in a while). These men have a partner for love, affection and intimacy. That makes a difference. And what the young woman isn’t figuring out: the guys she meets are looking for a partner! Sex is part of it, and that seems to be the problem.

Too often, girls grow up in a family close to mom, her sisters, and Dad is just there, taken for granted. It never occurs to her that her parents have sex! In fact, the thought would be disturbing! She expects a husband to provide her a home, family, kids, cars, a nice life like she’s always known. This, in spite of all the feminist posturing while she was in college: (A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, etc.) But the idea of sexual intercourse being part of it is horrifying! Advice: if the idea of sexual intercourse is horrifying to you, plan now to apply to a religious order and forget about home, family, and kids. Or cut your hair and head for the nearest Lesbian bar.

Another aspect: I’ve seen young women dress like whores, go to singles bars and then whine that “all men think about is sex!” Or they say “I want to dress to drive my boyfriend crazy” and wonder why they attract stalkers! Advice: if the attention of men is abhorrent, the following solution is straight forward, guaranteed to make you immune to masculine attention:

  • Stop having your hair done
  • Forget makeup and eyeliner.
  • Do your clothes shopping at Goodwill.
  • Restrict bathing to once a month

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