First of the Month

“This is to notify you that after the first of the month, you will have to find other housing arrangements. The County is taking title to your property and making it available to the New Comers in our community who are in greater need. “

Do you think this sounds far-fetched? Sadly it is not. Here are the forces at play:

  1. The Federal Government policy appears to be to replace the citizens with a history of freedom and prosperity with illegals that have no such history and will be more compliant to top down edicts.
  2. There appear to be two major groups:
    • Those from Latin America who have survived a strenuous trek north across the border. These people are survivors, strong, and feeling entitled to what they’ve been promised.
    • The next group are the Muslims. They are strong, ideologically motivated, and have a sense of superiority. Coming to America is a hijra, an imitation of Muhammad and his hijra to Medina in the year 610. Muhammad took over Medina by Jihad: present day Muslims intend to take over Western Europe and North America as well, by the same method. They are governed by The Shari’a and disregard Western laws completely.
  3. We, on the other hand, are passive, and depend on the rule of law and law enforcement to protect us. But here’s the rub: these groups, like the Muslims, take what they want according to their laws. They take over neighborhoods, build Mosques, disregard building codes, harass and intimidate those who get in their way.
  4. If we appeal to City Officials or Law Enforcement, we are told “there’s nothing we can do”. And why?
    • City Officials are place holders. They want everything to be peaceful and harmonious. When the angry Muslim groups show up at meetings by the hundreds and make demands, they fold and give them what they want. No matter that it violates laws and rights of citizens being impacted: there’s nothing they can do (without having to confront the Muslims, which they are loath to do!)
    • Law Enforcement is the same. Officers like to wear the uniform, including a firearm, the symbol of their police power. But they know to actually draw a firearm is to enter a bankrupting career-ending legal nightmare! So most will not.
  5. So what are we to do? We basically have no choice but to band together and fight for our rights ourselves. No longer is there a “rule of law” to protect us. Those used to the old dependency will howl “you are stooping to the level of the lawless!” But is there any choice?
    • A sad corollary is that Law Enforcement WILL crack down on us because they know we have a tradition of respecting Law Enforcement, (whereas they’re reluctant to confront the young Muslim men fresh from the wars in Syria who are experienced hardened killers). But what choice do we have?

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