Nashville Shooting

The underlying lie is that there is a “Transgender Genocide” underway by the ‘white Christian Nationalist Trump Supporters’ and the victimized threatened transgenders must fight back! The only problem is that the premise is counterfactual. No one cares about transgenders as long as they stay away from the kids.

Disapproving of the transgender “lifestyle” is not genocide! Passing laws to keep activist transgenders from victimizing children is not genocide. The story of a California mother transitioning her 2 year old son is tragic. Hearing about a 9 year old girl having a double breast mastectomy and a hysterectomy is also tragic. Children this young cannot make a decision of this magnitude.

Naturally, stories of the young children being mutilated and sterilized for life have to leak out on alternative media. The Marxist media concentrates on adults.

The bigger question is this: where has this all come from? It’s recent, it’s coordinated, and it’s nation-wide. Who’s funding this? Who’s behind it?

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