On page 10 of “The secret speech of Chi Hoatian,” [1] the General says:

 “Only countries like the United States, Canada and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for colonization.”

The goal is clear: the CCP intends to take over North America and turn it into “lebensraum”[2] for the Chinese people. He goes on to say:

 “It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the CCP leads the world.” [3]

It’s beyond disturbing to see American elites collaborate with the CCP[4] when our extermination is their intention!


In Dr James Lindsay’s address to the European Parliament[5], he gives an excellent analysis of Maoist Doctrine and how it’s being used to take us down. He calls it “Maoism with American characteristics”. Instead of classic Marxist capitalists vs. workers, or Chinese landowners vs. peasants of the 1950’s, it’s now minorities vs. white people, or transgenders and queers vs. heterosexuals. Though the classifications are changed to fit the target society’s vulnerabilities, the takedown, seizure of power, and resulting mass executions remain the same.  Those allowed to remain alive in slavery will have an existence like that of the Uighurs in Communist China.

In “Bloodlands” [6], the first chapter is entitled “THE SOVIET FAMINES”. What struck me is how this might be a “solution” for the Maoists here in the United States.  Let us set a scenario: the Maoists steal the 2024 election and are faced with the task of exterminating most of the American people. Their preferred bioweapon appears not to be ready yet.  So why not conduct a “Holodomor 2.0[7]” in the American Midwest, (the population thereof considered to be disposable flyover country Trump supporters). In my opinion, here’s how Holodomor 2.0 is being done to us:

Then we have the “climate change” angle. John Kerry recently talked about the “necessity for innovation[13]” to cut the carbon footprint of agriculture, and how “American farmers must do their part”. Mandating that all farm machinery be electric powered would be a logical step. 

I know little about agriculture, but I do know that time is of the essence during planting and harvesting.  Let’s say your electric planting machine charge lasts about a quarter of the job and you have to stop and recharge overnight. Instead of being able to get the job done in one marathon session, it will take 3 or 4 times as long. Same thing at harvest time. Instead of being able to get the crop safely in, you’re stuck, helplessly waiting for the harvester to recharge, (as the line of destructive thunderstorms works its way towards your vulnerable crop-laden fields).  And, of course, with every farmer in the area forced to recharge at the same time, power outages during critical planting and harvesting seasons would be guaranteed.  Insidiously, all backup diesel powered equipment will be rendered illegal by an unsympathetic EPA or disabled by intentional fuel shortages.

The crop yields would be decimated and, by design, lead to intentional food shortages.  As the Stalinists did in the Ukraine during the Holodomor, the American Maoists would blame the food shortages on farmers “hording food”. They would send teams of Maoists out into the countryside to “punish the farmers for their crimes”, diverting attention away from the lethal criminality of their own policies.

It’s not hard to envision pickup trucks filled with Antifa type inner city thugs and criminals, armed with AR’s and AK 47’s, fanning out from Chicago into the surrounding farmlands, attacking the communities.  As during the Holodomor, these gangs would sack homes and barns looking for food stores and seed grains. They would dig up the gardens, kill the chickens and farm animals, rape the women, and murder the farm families themselves.  This assures an absolute food desert and mass starvation! 

In the book Bloodlands, there are appalling descriptions of the human cost! Communities and roadsides strewn with rotting corpses, cannibalism rampant. An estimated 5 million human beings were starved to death!  Can the American Maoists do better and reach their goal of 75 million? They will try.

 Naturally people would want to fight! This highlights the necessity for the Maoists to confiscate all firearms in the interest of “public safety”. But the key at this point would be the Blue State governors inviting in Chinese PLA “peacekeepers” in blue helmets to “restore order”. Thus, the systematic cleansing of the land of Americans could begin in earnest, paving the way for Chinese resettlement.

When I go to the local Whole Foods Market, I see busy housewives, kids in tow, loading up their grocery carts and wheeling them out to their expensive and stylish SUVs, completely oblivious to what the Maoists have in store for them. They have no idea that the person they voted for is the very one that’s turning these Maoists loose upon us.  As has happened throughout history, the descent from opulent grocery stores to eating the last of the food stores, then pets, cannibalism, and finally one’s own children will take place more rapidly than anyone can imagine!

Welcome, Comrade, to the Communist utopia! 


[2] “Lebensraum” is German for “living space”, a term made famous by Adolf Hitler during WWII

[3] Ibid, page 14

[4] BlackRock’s China Relationship Target In Nationwide Ad Campaign (

[5] (14) Woke, a Culture War Against Europe (

[6] “BLOODLANDS Europe between Hitler and Stalin” Timothy Snyder, Basic Books, New York, 2010, chapt 1

[7] The “Holodomor” is the name given to Stalin’s intentionally starving to death 5 million Ukrainians in 1932-1933.







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