An Oct 7th Style Attack in the US?

Here’s what we see:

  1. Thousands of military aged young men walking into the country through our open borders, especially from Muslim countries where Jihad is their greatest export!
  2. Blue State legislatures passing draconian gun control laws to disarm the American public, (as the Leftist Press whines “public safety”).
  3. We have a recipe for a wholesale massacre of American civilians! Remember the Orlando Pulse Nightclub in June 2016!
  4. WHEN it happens, we can count on the Biden Administration to express horror at yet more “gun violence”! A national firearm confiscation will be the solution! Orwellian or course! They are disarming the very citizens who need the protection the most!
  5. FJB may even declare Martial Law to do the Confiscations and to suspend elections indefinitely,

The TRUTH of course is that the violence is caused by the hostile young men flooding into the country by the millions. But the TRUTH usually contradicts the media narrative…….

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